Finding Academic Sources
Reliable academic sources in Asian Studies

Introduction to Asian Cultures, Course Trailer

Sample Lecture on Early Japanese History

Research presentation tips for graduate students

A brief lecture on Matrilocality in Heian Japan

The Core of my Teaching Philosophy
I want my students to take away from my classes a heightened sense of intellectual initiative and the ability to critically examine and question dominant social, political, and cultural paradigms; to be able to formulate strong and defensible arguments about complex topics; and to articulate those arguments well both verbally and in writing.

I seek to instill in my students the qualities of mind that empower them to be careful and thoughtful thinkers, intelligent members of society, and happy individuals. To me, the abilities to read carefully, think critically, and to problematize matters of interpretation are not "generic." They are rare and precious.

Letters of Recommendation
If you seek a letter of recommendation, please come to my office during my normal consultation hours to discuss your plans. Come prepared to describe what you are applying to, why it's important, and how it contributes to your future. In general, it takes about 2 weeks for me to write a letter so see me as early as possible. Please don't request a letter via email.