Kanmon nikki Conference

This 4-day workshop at the Institute for East Asian Art History (Institut für Kunstgeschichte Ostasiens), University of Heidelberg, focused on visual and material culture embedded in Kanmon nikki, the journal of nobleman Fushiminomiya Sadafusa (1372-1456). Hosted by Melanie Trede and under the close instruction of Takagishi Akira of the University of Tokyo, the event was attended by academics and postgraduates from leading universities in Europe, Japan, and Australia. Sep. 15-19, 2018.


Yamamoto Satomi

Professor Yamamoto of Kyoritsu Women's University traced the lineage of picture scrolls from the Rengeō'in treasury, enlightening us with fun and provocative imagery and text.

Ido Misato

Professor Ido of Kyoto Institute of Technology, spoke on an exciting dialectic connecting the imagery of gardens, folding screens, and poetry.

Melanie Trede and Hanna McGaughey

Professor Trede provided the intellectual foundation for the event while Hanna McGaughey coordinated the complex interpretation of 16th-century Sino-Japanese.