I teach on all periods of history and historiography, research methods in Asian Studies, Sino-Japanese diplomatics, and more broadly on the histories and cultures of East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Outstanding student work is featured below!

Course Trailers from Sydney

ASNS1601, Introduction to Asian Cultures: The foundational unit in the Asian Studies Program.

ASNS3111, The Material Culture of Asia: A senior unit on the material culture of Asia.

Lectures and Field Notes

'Creating Japan,' a video on the invention of the idea of Japan in the 5 to 7th centuries.

The Temple of Sanjūsangengō 三十三間堂 (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros)

Kitano Shrine & Muromachi (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 北野神宮と室町殿

Kinkaku--Kitayama (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 金閣と北山

The Great Sanjo Bridge (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 三条大橋

The Nijō Castle and why it's tilted (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 二条城

Marriage and Matrilocality in Heian Japan, 794-1100s (a very brief introduction)

Studying Asia Through Themes, created for first year students in Asian Studies.

Effective Research Presentation Tips, 2018

Geared mainly toward postgraduate students and early career researchers.

Outstanding Student Work

A critical view on ancient tombs and imperial mythology

The Silla Gold Crown: A Window Into A Golden Age

A translation and analysis of 'One Hundred Demons on Parade'

The Rinpa school of painters, as never seen before!