I teach on all periods of history and historiography, research methods in Asian Studies, Sino-Japanese diplomatics, and more broadly on the histories and cultures of East Asia and Southeast Asia.

Outstanding student work is featured below!

Teaching Videos and 'Field Notes'

'Creating Japan,' a video on the invention of the idea of Japan in the 5 to 7th centuries.

Kitano Shrine & Muromachi (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 北野神宮と室町殿

The Great Sanjo Bridge (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 三条大橋

Kinkaku--Kitayama (A Field Note with Matthew Stavros), 金閣と北山

Course Trailers

Marriage and Matrilocality in Heian Japan, 794-1100s (a very brief introduction)

ASNS3111, The Material Culture of Asia: A senior unit on the material culture of Asia.

ASNS1601, Introduction to Asian Cultures: The foundational unit in the Asian Studies Program.

Outstanding Student Work

A critical view on ancient tombs and imperial mythology

The Silla Gold Crown: A Window Into A Golden Age

A translation and analysis of 'One Hundred Demons on Parade'

The Rinpa school of painters, as never seen before!