'Kyoto Studies' Archives: Rekisaikan (歴彩館)

March 2017: I was deeply honoured to be invited to deliver a keynote address to mark the opening of Kyoto's the new Rekisaikan, a prefectural archive and research centre dedicated primary to the study of Kyoto's history and culture. The new Rekisaikan, which opened in 2017, replaced the former Kyoto prefecture archives. It was a real privilege to appear alongside such intellectual giants as Kawashima Masao, Mieda Akiko, and Yamada Kazuhito. The great Kinda Akihiro was the host of the event.

In the Media

Kyoto Newspaper

A very generous write-up on my lecture in the Kyoto Newspaper (Kyoto shinbun 京都新聞) (22 May 2017).

Mainichi News

This from the Mainichi News (毎日新聞) (20 March 2017).